These excellent players can win, and players like Pogba and Mashal are also introduced at a high price, but they are really out of the situation. In my opinion, they lack the sense of urgency. It looks like every game is like a 3-0 win, it looks like they no longer need points, no fighting desire. A few days ago, Ajar father interviewed Belgian media, said: "My son rejected Chelsea's renewal request James Neal Jersey, because he knows Real Madrid interested in themselves so Real Madrid invited him to join at any time leave Dante Fabbro Jersey." It seems like Azar volunteered to Real Madrid: "Come and sign me, and Chelsea's contract only sign in 2020, no longer extended, spend a few money! De Blaune pass the ball, Beijing Jintan strong rubbing his right foot rub before the restricted area Viktor Arvidsson Jersey, the ball rubbing the column out of the bottom line. The first 61 minutes, Bernardo - Silva into the restricted area on the right pick, Aguero Qiangdian header Gongmen Juuse Saros Jersey, Hennese the ball confiscated. The first 63 minutes, Stirling, right-sided pass, Tom Kings header rub a bit, Sane far point from the door was denied Hennese blocked. The first 76 minutes, Crystal Palace Townsend then Zha pass, in the face hit the door hit fly.