It is worth mentioning that in the just past Derbyshire Spain, Messi full match 81% of the time walking, 10.8% of the time trotting Pekka Rinne Jersey, only 4.95% of the time running, full sprint time of only 1.15%. But it is this only sprint has reached an astonishing 33.58 kilometers per hour, totally disrupted Real Madrid's defense, and ultimately help the team 3-0 victory over rivals. And Pogbah obviously needs a lot to learn like Messi. Manchester United has allowed Brindley to leave Old Trafford Calle Jarnkrok Jersey, because he is no longer in Mourinho's plans. Brindley Manchester United is indeed the main rotation are not counted, although the first half of 2017-18 season, he played in six Champions League group stage 540 minutes and contributed 1 assists 1 ball, but he played only 4 times the English Premier League, the basic Has been considered Muai Shuai abandoned because Bo Linde be regarded as the magic bird's former Van Gaal line Miikka Salomaki Jersey, Mussina has always loved to use "own people" to exclude the former player left behind Frederick Gaudreau Jersey. United are now deprived of Brind, but also because Mike Mussina in the Dutch are good at playing no shortage of positions: Brindled main left back, now Luke - Xiao back, Rojo state is not bad, as well as Ashley - Yang can be guest; Zhongwei position Smolin, Phil - Jones, Lindeluofu, but also the turn of the "organization of Zhongwei" come to the guest; since the midfielder with Matic, Herrera Fear abandoned, Moreover, Pogba can pull, naturally can not use Blind.