From Scholes final evaluation of Pogba point of view Eric Nystrom Jersey, he is not satisfied with Mourinho, and the recent period of time, Manchester United indeed poor performance Matt Carle Jersey, from the title team into a squad four teams. The Pogba for Manchester United, it is clear that it should not just play a role in recruiting Gelizi Man, as the Premier League transfer record header, his role should be more on the court. For Real Madrid Barcelona, ??Brindladin this Veterans is what they need. "Daily Mirror" said: "Barcelona is looking for successor to Mascherano, Real Madrid lack of lumbar this season." It is reported that Barcelona has allowed Mascherano transfer, red and blue hope to introduce Brazilian young guard Mina, but Mina in the injury period, next season to Barcelona play. The second half of the season, Barclays defender may only be available to Pique, Ummedi and Weiermalun, Brind is an effective complement to the defense. Coincidentally, just a few days ago, Brindker Van Gogh said in an interview: "Compared to stay at Manchester United bench Frederick Gaudreau Jersey, joining Barcelona is a better choice for Brindisi, Manchester United sometimes he even substitute no Count.He know he can play multiple positions, he can serve as defender, he can play defensive midfielder or a defender.Compared to Premier League his level and style are more suitable for La Liga Dante Fabbro Jersey, Barcelona would never change to be On the stands.